Incredible liquid from this Uk based company 10ml 50/50 range in 18mg 12mg and 6mg

Technical Details:

10ml E-Liquid
70% Propylene Glycol (PG), 30% Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
Available in 0mg, 6mg,12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths

Berry Smoothie E-Liquid

The flavour of ripe, fresh berries are blended together to produce a super-smooth and utterly delicious e-liquid that’s rich, tangy and endlessly moreish.

Black Cherry Flavour E-Liquid 

Bursting with rich, tangy, luscious flavour, Black Cherry from Vapouriz is a sweet and juicy e-liquid with deep, bold black cherry notes that linger long on the taste buds.


Two flavours made for each other and balanced to perfection in this delicious e-liquid from Vapouriz, this captivating combination of rich, jammy blackberries and smooth, succulent black grapes delivers a sweet rush to the senses with a delightfully smooth exhale that lets the fruit linger upon your tastebuds.

Blue Raspberry Flavour E-Liquid 

Blue Raspberry from Vapouriz tastes just like your favourite iced slushy with big, bold blueberry flavour on the inhale followed by the deliciously tangy taste of rich, jammy raspberries on the exhale. A modern classic and delicious every time.

Blueberry Flavour E-Liquid

Rich, sweet and elegantly simple, the pure, tangy taste of fresh blueberries is a classic flavour that never goes out of fashion. This delicious e-liquid from Vapouriz remains one of the original – and best – blueberry e-liquids and is a must for any fruity vape fan.


The classic, fruity rush of bubblegum is a flavour that pops over your tastebuds, with deliciously sweet and sunny fruit candy notes that will make your mouth water as it puts a smile on your face.

Classic Tobacco Flavour E-Liquid

Rich, bold and deliciously smooth, Classic Tobacco is an endlessly satisfying and flavoursome e-liquid, and one that remains one of Vapouriz’ all-time bestselling flavours. The husky aroma, rich taste and pleasing throat hit make this e-liquid a great one for newer vapers to start with, while still satisfying any tobacco fan.

Grape Flavour E-Liquid 

Simple, elegant, delicious, the classic flavour of sweet, succulent grapes was made for vaping, and this exquisite e-liquid from Vapouriz captures the fruit in all its fresh, luscious glory for an easy all-day vape you’ll never grow tired of.

Ice Mint Flavour E-Liquid 

Cool, crisp and endlessly refreshing, Ice Mint by Vapouriz takes a classic menthol vape experience and layers over it a deliciously sweet and subtle hint of fresh mint that cuts through the icy breeze for an invigorating vape you won’t be able to put down.

Juicy Apple Flavour E-Liquid

Experience the fresh, juicy sweetness of crisp, delicious apples, picked ripe and golden green from the orchard. This classic flavour is realised to luscious perfection in this mouth-watering e-liquid from Vapouriz.

Menthol Special Blend Flavour E-Liquid

Crisp, clean and offering a delicious balance of sweet, delicate spearmint, punchy peppermint and bracing menthol, Menthol Special Blend is a superbly crafted menthol e-liquid that has become a favourite among countless menthol fans. Super-refreshing, the rush of cool menthol is mellowed with the freshness of mint to sublime effect.


For menthol fans with, shall we say, a more refined palate, Millionaires Menthol from Vapouriz is perhaps the ultimate menthol experience. The lightest touch of fresh mint adds a beguiling note of flavour to the bold rush of menthol that rushes up to meet your senses from the first vape, falling away to a deliciously cool and refreshing exhale.

Raspberry Flavour E-Liquid

The rich, ruby tang of fresh raspberries is a flavour that never falls out favour, and the ripe, sharp, jammy sweetness of raspberry is captured to perfection in this mouth-watering e-liquid from Vapouriz.

Strawberry Bliss Flavour E-Liquid

Strawberry Bliss from Vapouriz delivers a luscious, fruity rush of sweet, succulent strawberries. Unlike the sharp, syrupy sweetness of many other strawberry e-juices, Strawberry Bliss captures the soft, plump, juicy berries at their authentic, summery best for a deliciously fruity vape


For bold, satisfying tobacco flavour, few e-liquids come close to Vapouriz’s classic Virginia Tobacco e-liquid. The rich, woody notes of authentic rolling tobacco ride above an immensely satisfying exhale that’s easy on the throat and makes for an endlessly rewarding all-day vape for tobacco fans.

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