CS/GS AIR COIL 1.5 ohm

CS/GS AIR COIL 1.5 ohm

These coils are suitable for the CS/GS Air tank , Cs Micro Air Tank , Cs Slim tank , Gs Turbo Tank, Slider cs Air tank

Theses tanks are found on the Arc range of Kits including the Arc Mini Kit , Arc Slim Kit, Arc 5 Kit , Arc 5 s Kit, 

We stock the 1.5 ohm coil which comes with the Kits and the tank as Standard.

The Kanthal wire, dual coil set up spreads the load allowing these CS atomizer heads to be used at higher wattages and voltages. 

These coils are made by Eleaf who also brand them for TECC and Totally Wicked.

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This product has a minimum order quantity of 1 and a maximum of 100