From the home of the Lost Mary Bm600 comes there Eliquid offering for refilable pods.

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MARYLIQ flavours

Beach day

Beach day is definitely one for the cocktail lovers, combining juicy blackcurrants with a burst of zesty orange juice, inspired by the popular vodka cocktail.

Blackcurrant apple

Blackcurrant apple marries rich and sweet blackcurrants with freshly-picked crisp apples, a classic combination that makes the perfect all-day-vape and is ideal if you have been using the Lost Mary blackcurrant apple disposables.

Blueberry sour raspberry

Blueberry sour raspberry is a staple flavour in most disposable vape ranges, pairing sweet blueberries with tart raspberries, blending sweet and sour in perfect harmony. This is perfect if your go to disposable vape is the Lost Mary BM600 blueberry sour raspberry.

Blueberry watermelon lemonade

If you love a good beverage inspired flavour, blueberry watermelon lemonade will definitely be one for you. This is a sweet and fizzy lemonade which has been infused with juicy watermelon and blueberries.

Cherry ice

Cherry ice pairs rich, dark cherries with a swift menthol finish, perfect for those who love a fruity menthol, and those who have been using the Lost Mary cherry ice disposable.

Cherry lemon mint

Cherry lemon mint is a unique flavour that fuses sweet cherry with lip-puckeringly tangy lemon, finished off with a sprig of garden mint, for an ultimately refreshing feeling vape.

Citrus sunrise

This harmonious blend is certainly one for the citrus lovers. Citrus sunrise is a medley of sweet orange, zingy lemon, and tart grapefruit, that will have your taste buds singing!

Double apple

As you can probably guess from the name, double apple pairs crisp and sharp green apples with the sweetness of red apples, perfect if the Lost Mary BM600 double apple is your usual go-to.

Lemon lime

You can’t go wrong with this classic double act! Lemon lime is a punchy pairing of sweet and sour lemon and lime, with the exact same e-liquid as the Lost Mary lemon lime disposable.

Lime rum

Lime rum is an intriguing cocktail-inspired flavour mixing a rich and sweet rum with notes of vanilla and brown sugar, and zesty lime.


If you’re looking for a more traditional flavour, menthol may be simple but it is anything but basic. This incredibly fresh flavour is cold with just a hint of sweetness, with the same great taste as Lost Mary’s menthol disposable vapes.

Peach ice

If you love the sweet and light flavour of peaches, we highly recommend peach ice. The sweet flavour of juicy peach is complemented perfectly by a smooth, icy exhale.

Peach strawberry watermelon ice

Peach strawberry watermelon ice is a complex and layered flavour with notes of sweet peach, juicy strawberry, and fresh watermelon, encased in a cool, icy blast. This is a great alternative if you have been using the peach strawberry watermelon ice Lost Mary QM600 disposable vapes.

Pineapple ice

Pineapple ice is one of the most popular Lost Mary flavours, so it’s no surprise that they have included a MARYLIQ pineapple ice flavour in this range. Exotic pineapple is accompanied by a smooth hint of ice, for a perfectly refreshing all-day-vape.

Pineapple mango

Pineapple mango is a truly tropical flavour blending juicy pineapple with creamy, ripe mango for an exotic delightful fusion.

Pink lemonade

You can’t go wrong with a good pink lemonade, and this MARYLIQ nic salt infuses fresh and fizzy lemonade with mixed luscious berries. This is the same delectable flavour that is found in the Lost Mary pink lemonade disposable vapes.

Red cherry

The MARYLIQ red cherry e-liquid puts its own twist on the traditional cherry flavour, by combining the juicy taste of fresh red cherries with fizzy cherry candy, for a unique and fruity creation.

Sour red

Sour red is a fresh new take on the classic red apple flavour, adding a tangy, sour exhale that really elevates the flavour and is perfect if you like a vape with a bit of a kick!

Strawberry ice

Sometimes it’s nice to keep it simple, like MARYLIQ’s strawberry ice which is a sweet and juicy strawberry flavour with a cool, frosty finish.

Triple berry ice

Triple berry ice is a delicious blend of mixed berries over lashings of crushed ice, for richly fruity inhale and a cooling exhale just like the Lost Mary triple berry ice disposables.

Triple mango

If you’re a mango lover then triple mango may be just the flavour for you. This creamy mango e-liquid is so bursting with flavour that it’s a wonder the lid stays on!

Triple melon

Triple melon is a refreshing melon medley that is sweet, juicy, and intensely flavourful, get ready to meet your new all-day-vape!

Tropical island

Tropical island will transport you to a tropical paradise on even the cloudiest of days, layering sweet and juicy peach with creamy mango.


For the traditionalists who prefer a robust tobacco flavour, MARYLIQ have blended their USA mix which brings a woody tobacco flavour with subtle earthy notes and nutty undertones.

Watermelon ice

If you’re looking for something truly refreshing, look no further than watermelon ice. This mouth-watering flavour encapsulates sweet and juicy watermelon finished with a cool, icy exhale.

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