IVG are known for their popular flavours, and continue to incorporate those well loved products and new flavours into the latest vaping trends and devices. The IVG disposable bars are the easiest to use yet, no charging, no refilling, it simply is just a grab and go, one stop vaping solution.

Disposable vape bars have quickly become one of the fastest selling vaping products around the world. With many governments legislating restrictions on volumes, refillable containers and the like, these small and discrete devices tick all the boxes that both governements and vapers can agree with. 

The conveneience that they offer can suit vapers of all types, whether you are looking for an everyday product that is easily concealed or carried, or just something for those nights out when you prefer to leave your larger device at home. For many they have become there go to device, for some, it's a back up. The IVG Disposable vape bars are here to stay. 

Available in 16 Flavours, each with their own coloured bar, we are sure they have a product for you. Each disposable bar contains 2ml of E-Liquid of 20mg Nicotine Salt and can last for upto 600 puffs, that is an incredible feat for such a small device.